Taco Salad (non dairy!)

I get asked all the time what I eat and my answer is, I eat a lot of Asian inspired and Mexican inspired meals, because they contain a ton of vegetables and don’t require dairy products! A non-dairy taco salad is possible and so tasty that you won’t even miss the cheese and sour cream, I promise. So here we go…

It’s summer so I used garden lettuce, I made a salad dressing from scratch using avocado, lime, & cilantro, and I made a black bean and corn salsa for kicks and giggles.

Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing

1 avocado

1 cup cilantro

1 lime juiced

1/4 cup water, or more until desired consistency

Blend until smooth

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

1 can black beans, drained and strained

2 ears sweet corn, grilled and cut off

Onion to taste

Spicy pepper, such as jalapeno, serrano, etc, to taste

Drizzle with olive oil and fresh lime juice

Taco Salad

Lettuce of your choice (it’s summer right now so I’m using garden lettuce!)

Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Garnish with tomatoes, green onion, sweet peppers (like lunchbox peppers or bell peppers), spicy peppers (such as beaver dam peppers or squash peppers), radishes, and cilantro

Blueberry Lemonade

Talk about the absolute perfect summer drink! This recipe comes from the Medical Medium recipe library and it is outstanding! July means blueberries are in season, either get to your local farm, or buy Wyman’s frozen blueberries which are always available 😉

Blueberry Lemonade

1 cup blueberries

3/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

1/3 cup real honey

3 cups water

Blend in a high speed mixer such as Vitamix, strain, enjoy 😀

Red Coconut Curry With Any Vegetables

Have lots of random vegetables in your fridge, and not enough of one kind to make a meal out of? Try making my favorite vegetable coconut curry over white rice. All you need to do is add the vegetables to the pan in proper order as to not overcook some and undercook others. Carrots and broccoli get added first, a minute or two later comes onions and peppers, and a few minutes after that I add spinach and mushrooms.

You can also add squash, potatoes, zucchini, and more. Get creative, anything goes!

Thai Red Coconut Curry

2-3 tbs coconut oil

Vegetables of choice

3 cloves of garlic, chopped

1 tbs freshly grated ginger

2 tsp ground coriander

1 can of coconut milk

2-3 tbs Thai red curry paste

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tbs fresh lime juice

1 tbs honey

Fresh cilantro or basil for garnish

Cooked white rice (can use jasmine or basmati)

In a large skillet over medium heat, add coconut oil and vegetables. Cook vegetables until they are just about soft (do not overcook them). Turn the heat down to low and add the remaining ingredients to make the sauce. Cover and simmer for a few minutes until warm and well incorporated. Check to make sure all the vegetables are cooked through. Serve over rice and garnish with scallions, fresh herbs, radish, etc. I also add my dehydrated spicy pepper flakes that I make from my garden, look for that recipe later this summer!

Garden Lettuce Is In!

Don’t ruin a healthy salad with cheap unhealthy salad dressing! Check out my 2 favorite easy recipes for salad dressings. They are both light and fresh, neither contains any dairy, eggs, or vinegar, and they whip up really quick!

Orange Honey Dressing

Juice of half an orange

Honey to taste

Whisk and toss with lettuce

Coconut Lime Dressing

6 tbs unsweetened coconut milk

3 tbs fresh lime juice

1 tbs coconut aminos

1 tbs honey

1/4 cup olive oil

Whisk and toss with lettuce

Snack Time – Granola!

This recipe for granola is so simple and so delicious, and way tastier than what you buy in stores. Keep it simple or get creative and add in some extra ingredients. The add-ins are endless! Combine sweet with salty (and even spicy!) for a super delicious snack!

1 cup oats

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp salt

2 tbs honey

1 tbs oil, olive or coconut

Stir, spread thinly on a baking sheet, bake at 350 for 25 minutes, stirring halfway through.

Add-in ideas (add these in after it has baked):

coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, raisins, chocolate chips, nuts, spicy nuts, glazed nuts, honey sesame sticks, dried fruit, etc. Take a look in your pantry and just start adding stuff in 😉

Meet Lauren

Join me in welcoming Lauren to Renew You! Lauren comes with 2 years of acupuncture experience at various hospitals and clinics throughout the metro. She is incredibly easy to talk to and has a wonderfully calming energy. Lauren has experience treating just about everything and has extensive knowledge in Chinese herbal medicine. I’m so happy to have Lauren join me at Renew You and I know you will enjoy working with her too!

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Blueberry Pie Smoothie

Hands down my favorite way to start the day! And everyone that sees me in the morning knows why my teeth are purple, ha! I use wild blueberries because they are wildly healthy. Totally free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc. And being a wild food they are an adaptogen, which means they are as tough as nails and passes that benefit on to you, helping you thrive in stressful situations.

Add to a blender:

Wild blueberries (fresh or frozen)




Milk (oat or nut) or water, or both!

Blend and enjoy!

What are allergies exactly?

According to Chinese medicine, the diagnosis for allergies is an external invasion with underlying spleen/wei deficiency and liver stagnation and/or heat. It’s a mouthful I know 😀 Here’s what it means for you…

I’ll start with the root cause and work our way outward. The liver becomes overburdened from emotions and toxicity. At this moment in time, just about everyone on planet earth has an overburdened liver because we are very stressed and we live in a very toxic environment. Even if you think you live super cleanly, you’re still getting exposed to mega amounts of toxicity. Think scents, perfumes, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, lawn care, textiles, lotions, soaps, household cleaners, and so much more.

An overburdened liver will intrude on the spleen (aka the digestion) and eventually the spleen qi will weaken. Wei qi can be thought of as the immune system, and even 2000 years ago it was understood that the digestion and the immune system were very closely related. So a weakened spleen qi also means the wei qi has decreased.

Now here’s where it all comes together. A diet that consists of too much junk and heavy foods will cause the liver to stagnate, the digestion can’t properly process it, the body will be forced to turn it into phlegm, the phlegm will travel to the orifices such as the nose, hoping to be expelled. The phlegm will keep building up if the diet is consistently poor. An external factor such as bacteria, viruses, pollution, or pollen will enter the nasal cavity and find a comfy home in all that phlegm and fester and multiply.

We call it allergies, but what it actually is is a sinus infection. You may have noticed that a head cold in the winter feels a lot like allergies in the summer? That’s because they are in fact the same thing.

The key to staying healthy is cleaning up any toxicity you are exposing yourself to, especially the diet, and scents. But even the healthiest eaters get allergies… why? Because the biggest phlegm producers are actually eggs, dairy, and gluten. Those big breakfasts consisting of eggs and protein that all the holistic health coaches recommend are actually making you feel worse. Start your morning with lemon water and fruit, and throughout the day try to stick to real foods as much as you can.

Year of the Tiger

The tiger became a king because he fought evil and won. He stands for justice and fairness. He is calm on the outside but aggressive on the inside. The tiger is independent, likes freedom, and works alone.

The tiger is a yang masculine energy. 2022 will be a year full of change, energy, and excitement. Big changes coming for many people.. career change, change of home, change in relationships, etc. The tiger energy will help you pounce on these changes without fear or hesitation.

This will be the year you come in to your power. You now know that no one is else is going to save you. And you won’t take shit from anyone anymore.

Good luck!

Eye Health

Did you know that eye health comes from our liver? Not hereditary. Not really aging related either, though can play a role.

The liver is the organ of detoxing the body and processing stress/emotions. You may have noticed that small changes occur in your vision during stressful times. And redness in times of anger.

It’s harder to notice when a toxic buildup affects our vision because we forget to associate the two. It either happens abruptly or gradually overtime.

Toxic buildup comes from chemicals, perfumes, heavy metals (fluoride, aluminum, mercury…), pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, cleaners, skin care….

The liver becomes overburdened, stagnated, and then shows up in our vision as it tries to get our attention that there is an underlying problem in the body.

You can clean out your liver by drinking lemon water, lime water, and celery juice. Daily!