Snack Time – Granola!

This recipe for granola is so simple and so delicious, and way tastier than what you buy in stores. Keep it simple or get creative and add in some extra ingredients. The add-ins are endless! Combine sweet with salty (and even spicy!) for a super delicious snack!

1 cup oats

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp salt

2 tbs honey

1 tbs oil, olive or coconut

Stir, spread thinly on a baking sheet, bake at 350 for 25 minutes, stirring halfway through.

Add-in ideas (add these in after it has baked):

coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, raisins, chocolate chips, nuts, spicy nuts, glazed nuts, honey sesame sticks, dried fruit, etc. Take a look in your pantry and just start adding stuff in 😉

Meet Lauren

Join me in welcoming Lauren to Renew You! Lauren comes with 2 years of acupuncture experience at various hospitals and clinics throughout the metro. She is incredibly easy to talk to and has a wonderfully calming energy. Lauren has experience treating just about everything and has extensive knowledge in Chinese herbal medicine. I’m so happy to have Lauren join me at Renew You and I know you will enjoy working with her too!

To celebrate Lauren’s addition to Renew You, she is offering a one-time discount during the month of June! $35 OFF New Patient exams, or $20 OFF follow up appointments for existing customers. See below for details…

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Follow Up $65 ($20 savings!): choose this option if you’ve been seen by Alicia before and would like to try a treatment with Lauren! Lauren will be able to access your chart and see what you are typically seen for. While scheduling your appointment write “June Special” in the notes section to receive the discount at your follow up appointment.

BONUS! In honor of Fathers Day, Lauren is offering $25 cupping-only sessions during the month of June for all the dads out there! This applies to new and existing patients. While booking your cupping-only appointment, write “June Cupping Special” in the notes section to receive the discount.

Special pricing is only available one time per customer.

Blueberry Pie Smoothie

Hands down my favorite way to start the day! And everyone that sees me in the morning knows why my teeth are purple, ha! I use wild blueberries because they are wildly healthy. Totally free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc. And being a wild food they are an adaptogen, which means they are as tough as nails and passes that benefit on to you, helping you thrive in stressful situations.

Add to a blender:

Wild blueberries (fresh or frozen)




Milk (oat or nut) or water, or both!

Blend and enjoy!

What are allergies exactly?

According to Chinese medicine, the diagnosis for allergies is an external invasion with underlying spleen/wei deficiency and liver stagnation and/or heat. It’s a mouthful I know 😀 Here’s what it means for you…

I’ll start with the root cause and work our way outward. The liver becomes overburdened from emotions and toxicity. At this moment in time, just about everyone on planet earth has an overburdened liver because we are very stressed and we live in a very toxic environment. Even if you think you live super cleanly, you’re still getting exposed to mega amounts of toxicity. Think scents, perfumes, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, lawn care, textiles, lotions, soaps, household cleaners, and so much more.

An overburdened liver will intrude on the spleen (aka the digestion) and eventually the spleen qi will weaken. Wei qi can be thought of as the immune system, and even 2000 years ago it was understood that the digestion and the immune system were very closely related. So a weakened spleen qi also means the wei qi has decreased.

Now here’s where it all comes together. A diet that consists of too much junk and heavy foods will cause the liver to stagnate, the digestion can’t properly process it, the body will be forced to turn it into phlegm, the phlegm will travel to the orifices such as the nose, hoping to be expelled. The phlegm will keep building up if the diet is consistently poor. An external factor such as bacteria, viruses, pollution, or pollen will enter the nasal cavity and find a comfy home in all that phlegm and fester and multiply.

We call it allergies, but what it actually is is a sinus infection. You may have noticed that a head cold in the winter feels a lot like allergies in the summer? That’s because they are in fact the same thing.

The key to staying healthy is cleaning up any toxicity you are exposing yourself to, especially the diet, and scents. But even the healthiest eaters get allergies… why? Because the biggest phlegm producers are actually eggs, dairy, and gluten. Those big breakfasts consisting of eggs and protein that all the holistic health coaches recommend are actually making you feel worse. Start your morning with lemon water and fruit, and throughout the day try to stick to real foods as much as you can.

Year of the Tiger

The tiger became a king because he fought evil and won. He stands for justice and fairness. He is calm on the outside but aggressive on the inside. The tiger is independent, likes freedom, and works alone.

The tiger is a yang masculine energy. 2022 will be a year full of change, energy, and excitement. Big changes coming for many people.. career change, change of home, change in relationships, etc. The tiger energy will help you pounce on these changes without fear or hesitation.

This will be the year you come in to your power. You now know that no one is else is going to save you. And you won’t take shit from anyone anymore.

Good luck!

Eye Health

Did you know that eye health comes from our liver? Not hereditary. Not really aging related either, though can play a role.

The liver is the organ of detoxing the body and processing stress/emotions. You may have noticed that small changes occur in your vision during stressful times. And redness in times of anger.

It’s harder to notice when a toxic buildup affects our vision because we forget to associate the two. It either happens abruptly or gradually overtime.

Toxic buildup comes from chemicals, perfumes, heavy metals (fluoride, aluminum, mercury…), pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, cleaners, skin care….

The liver becomes overburdened, stagnated, and then shows up in our vision as it tries to get our attention that there is an underlying problem in the body.

You can clean out your liver by drinking lemon water, lime water, and celery juice. Daily!

Organs & Emotions

The effect that our emotions have on our organs has been known since the beginning of acupuncture, several thousand years ago.

Every organ has an specific emotion tied to it, and when that emotion is present, the organ and its function will be affected.

Sometimes we don’t feel stressed, but the organs don’t lie! Your symptoms paint a picture to what’s going on inside, whether you feel it or not.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Acne

When we feel angry or frustrated you can see from the diagram that it affects the Liver Qi. The Liver is what moves the Qi (or energy) freely throughout our body.

When we feel angry/irritated/frustrated about something the Liver Qi Stagnates and festers into a ball of hot energy. The Heat then needs a way to escape, so it will often rise up, as heat often does.

As the Heat rises it’ll disrupt the Heart on it’s way, causing symptoms like palpitations, chest pain, and/or chest tightness. As the Heat continues to rise it’ll find it’s escape at our head, often through the skin on our face as red and inflamed acne. Fun fact: our face is like a map, the location of the acne on our face tells us which organ has been affected! 

2. Diarrhea/Constipation

Excessive worry and overthinking taxes the Spleen Qi. The word “Spleen” didn’t translate very well from Chinese medicine, and can simply be described as the digestive tract.

So if we overthink things in our lives, a deficiency is created in the digestive system. The digestion may not have enough strength to break down our foods so it eliminates too quickly in the form of diarrhea. Or, the digestion becomes weak and slow and causes constipation.

Other symptoms may include fatigue, gas/bloating, nausea, brain fog, and/or allergies.

Our diseases (or symptoms) are here to cure us. Diseases are the big red flag that show us we have an imbalance, and that we aren’t living our best life. It’s our job to recognize it and address it!


Fall Cosmetic Special

Looking for a skin refresher? Fall is a good time to renew the skin with acupuncture, as it helps to slough off the dead and damaged cells created by the harsh summer sun. Now through October 15th 2019, Renew You is offering 33% OFF a Cosmetic Acupuncture 3-Treatment Package PLUS 20% all Mad Hippie products. Whether you’re a veteran of Cosmetic Acupuncture, or wanting to try it for the first time, all are welcome to take part in this special! Typical results with 3 treatments include overall brighter skin, evening of skin tone, and dewy appearance.


Cosmetic Acupuncture 3-Treatment Package: $210 (normally priced $315) due at time of first service

**Treatments must be used within 3 weeks of each other**

How to Control Your Hunger

I often hear, “I have trouble losing weight even though I exercise and choose healthy foods” and “I’m always hungry”.  The good news is that there are some ways to fix this problem! Here are my tips:

  • Rate your hunger – before a meal ask yourself how hungry you are and rate it on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most hungry you’ve ever felt), and fill your plate accordingly. After you’ve finished, let your food settle at least 10 minutes and rate your hunger again. If you’re still hungry then grab a little more and repeat the process. The key here is to listen to your body and make the connection with your brain, versus letting your emotions determine your hunger.
  • Skip the scheduled meals – what I mean is that it’s okay to skip a meal if you simply aren’t hungry. Occasionally we’ll eat heavy one day and the next day the body doesn’t need as much food for fuel and you may not feel hungry until well into the afternoon. Sometime in our life we’ve been conditioned to eat at scheduled meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – whether we’re hungry or not. I’ve learned from my toddler that eating at scheduled meals doesn’t work and always ends up in a battle, instead I wait until she tells me she’s hungry. Kids know their body way more than we give them credit for and we can learn a lot about food from the habits of our children!
  • Eat more fat – fatty foods take longer to digest and therefore make us feel full faster and for a longer period of time. Whereas carbs are used for quick energy and make us hungry again in a short time. Healthy fats include avocado, nuts, seeds, cheese, dark chocolate, fish, eggs, full-fat yogurt, coconut and coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil (think salad dressing). Plus they make our skin glow!
  • Reduce acidic, spicy, and greasy foods – according to Chinese food therapy, we say foods that are acidic, spicy, and greasy cause an excess of fire in the stomach. When we have a fire-y stomach it burns through food so fast that it causes a constant hunger to keep fueling the fire. If you are feeling this way then try to cool the stomach down by eating watermelon, cucumber, and celery (feel free to add some real peanut butter to your celery; Buddy’s Nut Butter is my personal favorite!).
  • Choose fresh, whole foods – often times after a meal we feel unsatisfied and find ourselves going back to the kitchen for more. This is your body’s way of telling you that it’s missing some key nutrients and it won’t be satisfied until you give it what it needs. Skip the processed foods and always choose fresh ingredients.

Spring Headaches

Headache acupuncture apple valley mn

Anyone who’s had a headache knows how debilitating they can be. And whether you have chronic headaches, or just get one occasionally, you may have already noticed they seem to be getting worse lately.

spring headaches acupunctureHeadaches are common in the spring months of March, April, and May and every acupuncturist will tell you that we see a rise in patients with such symptoms during that time. Here’s why:

Each season has a set of organs associated with it. And whatever organ imbalance you have, you’ll likely feels its effects during its respective season. The organs of spring are Liver and Gallbladder which are responsible for moving Qi in the body. When Qi’s ability to move freely is prohibited (called Qi Stagnation) the symptoms we experience are headaches, pain and tension in the neck and shoulders, changes in digestion and bowel movements, menstrual issues, and waking up around 3am.

The best way to avoid headaches any time of the year is to keep your Qi moving. This can be done through exercise, and of course, acupuncture treatments! In addition, do things that get you excited such as getting together with friends, lots of laughter, and eating a healthy diet consisting of whole foods.

The most common cause of Qi Stagnation is stress, so finding ways to reduce stress or at least learning to cope with it better, can also be helpful for the long term. Although coffee, alcohol, and sugar, provide short term relief of Qi Stagnation, if too much is consumed they can actually make symptoms worse over time, so for many people it’s best to avoid them altogether.

To learn more about what imbalances you may have and how to correct them, schedule your appointment online today! Schedule Now