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Did you know that eye health comes from our liver? Not hereditary. Not really aging related either, though can play a role.

The liver is the organ of detoxing the body and processing stress/emotions. You may have noticed that small changes occur in your vision during stressful times. And redness in times of anger.

It’s harder to notice when a toxic buildup affects our vision because we forget to associate the two. It either happens abruptly or gradually overtime.

Toxic buildup comes from chemicals, perfumes, heavy metals (fluoride, aluminum, mercury…), pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, cleaners, skin care….

The liver becomes overburdened, stagnated, and then shows up in our vision as it tries to get our attention that there is an underlying problem in the body.

You can clean out your liver by drinking lemon water, lime water, and celery juice. Daily!

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