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Anyone who’s had a headache knows how debilitating they can be. And whether you have chronic headaches, or just get one occasionally, you may have already noticed they seem to be getting worse lately.

spring headaches acupunctureHeadaches are common in the spring months of March, April, and May and every acupuncturist will tell you that we see a rise in patients with such symptoms during that time. Here’s why:

Each season has a set of organs associated with it. And whatever organ imbalance you have, you’ll likely feels its effects during its respective season. The organs of spring are Liver and Gallbladder which are responsible for moving Qi in the body. When Qi’s ability to move freely is prohibited (called Qi Stagnation) the symptoms we experience are headaches, pain and tension in the neck and shoulders, changes in digestion and bowel movements, menstrual issues, and waking up around 3am.

The best way to avoid headaches any time of the year is to keep your Qi moving. This can be done through exercise, and of course, acupuncture treatments! In addition, do things that get you excited such as getting together with friends, lots of laughter, and eating a healthy diet consisting of whole foods.

The most common cause of Qi Stagnation is stress, so finding ways to reduce stress or at least learning to cope with it better, can also be helpful for the long term. Although coffee, alcohol, and sugar, provide short term relief of Qi Stagnation, if too much is consumed they can actually make symptoms worse over time, so for many people it’s best to avoid them altogether.

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